Friday, September 14 –Saturday, September 15 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius University

Venue: Vilnius University Theater Hall, 3rd floor. (Central Palace, Universiteto St. 3, Vilnius)

Konferencijos vieta: Vilniaus universiteto Teatro salė, 3 aukštas. (Centriniai rūmai, Universiteto g. 3, Vilnius)

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 Friday, September, 14th
08:00 Registration
09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:30 Keynote Lecture: “The evolution of cardiogenic shock treatment” – H. Thiele (Germany)
Hall A Hall B
Session No 1:  Acute Coronary Syndromes
Chairmen: H. Thiele (Germany); Joseph Alpert (USA), Pranas Serpytis (Lithuania)
Session No 2: Emergency Medicine – from diagnosis to treatment
Chairmen: Y. Hasin (Israel), G. Sakalyte (Lithuania), K. Stasaitis (Lithuania)
10:00 “What’s new in acute coronary syndrome” – S. Desch (Germany) “Role of early ECG in the triage of chest pain” – Y. Hasin (Israel)
10:20 “The new refined Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction” – K. Thygesen (Denmark) “Oxygen in acute coronary syndrome – friend or foe?” –
T. Quinn (UK)
10:40 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 “What is new in the updated STEMI guidelines” – K. Huber (Austria) “High flow Nasal Oxygenation: Is it possible in Emergency Department?” – A. Khoury (France)
11:20 “Role of imaging in STEMI in 2018” –

A. Neskovic (Serbia)

“Oxygen therapy in AHF” – J. Masip (Spain)
11:40 “Should we no longer routinely give beta blockers to patients with acute coronary syndromes?” – J. Alpert (USA) “Natriuretic peptides in acute care settings” –

D. Karciauskaite (Lithuania)

12:00 “Optimal antithrombotic treatment in the elderly” – S. Savonitto (Italy) “High frequency ultrasound, is it relevant to go very fast” – P. Sogaard (Denmark)
12:20 “ACS: Are delays so important” –

A. Khoury (France)

“Prehospital Stroke treatment” –

R. Jalali (Poland)

12:40 “FoCUS in Cardiac Arrest” –

A. Neskovic (Serbia)

13:00 – 14:10 Lunch
Session No 3: Sudden Death and Resuscitation
Chairmen: G. Fuernau (Germany), R. Jalali (Poland), G. Baksyte (Lithuania)
Session No 4: Nursing session
Chairmen: T. Quinn (UK), N. Fatkulina (Lithuania)
14:10 “Cardiac arrest. Importance of low flow: Save the brain” – A. Khoury (France) “Nurse Research Competence in Leadership” – N. Fatkulina (Lithuania)
14:30 “Out of hospital resuscitation – when go to cath lab with the patient” –

G. Fuernau (Germany)

“Role of nurses during coronary interventions” – A. Grave (Latvia)
14:50 “Ventilation in Cardiac arrest: the future is now” – A. Khoury (France) “Operating Room Nurse in the Interventional Cardiology and Radiology” –

N. Jerdiakova (Lithuania)

15:10 “In-hospital Resuscitation” –

R. Jalali (Poland)

15:30 “ECMO assisted CPR” –

R. Samalavicius (Lithuania)

15:50 – 16:10 Coffee Break
Session No 5: Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
Chairmen: D. Zahger (Israel), K. Huber (Austria), Z. Petrulioniene (Lithuania)
Session No 6:  Acute heart failure and Cardiogenic Shock
Chairmen: C. Vrints (Belgium), S. Price (UK), G. Kalinauskas (Lithuania)
16:10 „PCSK9 inhibitors: are we going to conquer atherosclerosis?” –

D. Zahger (Israel)

“Furosemide in Acute HF” –

C. Vrints (Belgium)

16:25 “Should digitalis preparations no longer be prescribed?” – J. Alpert (USA). “Invasive vs. Noninvasive ventilation in AHF” – J. Masip (Spain)
16:40 “Dual vs. triple therapy in secondary prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation receiving PCI” –
K. Huber (Austria)
“Evaluation for advanced HF therapies” –

T. Hasin (Israel)

16:55 „Update on the use of drugs and pre-conditioning for infarct size reduction and lessening of ischemic damage post reperfusion” – Q. Chen (USA) “Biomarkers in cardiogenic shock” –

G. Fuernau (Germany)

17:10 “DOACs in Intensive cardiac care” –

M. Lettino (Italy)

“Mechanical support for AHF” –

T. Hasin (Israel)

17:25 “Lipid management: Beyond statins” –

D. Fintel (USA)

“Mechanical assist devices in cardiogenic shock” – G. Fuernau (Germany)
17:40 Discussions “Cardiogenic shock- State-of-the-Art in 2018” – H. Thiele (Germany)
18:00 – 19:00 Discussions Discussions
20:00 Gala Dinner
 Saturday, September, 15th
Session No 7: Interventional treatment
Charimen: S. Desch (Germany), I. Kumsars (Latvia), A. Aidietis (Lithuania)
Session No 8: Guidelines and General Care
Chairmen: M. Lettino (Italy), A. Erglis (Latvia), A. Laucevicius (Lithuania)
09:00 “PCI vs. CABG for Left Main treatment. Lessons from NOBLE study” –

I. Kumsars (Latvia)

„Team Science: Future of Medicine, Cardiology as an Example” – A. Erglis (Latvia)
09:20 “Interventional Stroke treatment” –

M. Kurminas (Lithuania)

“The elderly in acute cardiac care” –

S. Price (UK)

09:40 “TAVI or surgery in asymptomatic aortic stenosis – Clinically indicated?” –

H. Thiele (Germany)

“ACCA consensus documents on ICCU organization” –
M. Lettino (Italy)
10:00 “TAVI for intermediate and low risk patients” – S. Desch (Germany) “Echo in acute heart failure” – S. Price (UK)
10:20 “Renal denervation in hypertension treatment” – A. Berukstis (Lithuania) “Comorbidities in acute cardiology” –

M. Mamedov (Russia)

10:40 “TAVI one center experience” –

G. Bieliauskas (Denmark)

“Atrial fibrillation management” –

D. Fintel (USA)

11:00 “Pericardiocentesis in the cath lab” –

S. Desch (Germany)

“Issues of cardiac rehabilitation” –

M. Mamedov (Russia)

11:20 Discussions „New tools to reduce  CV events in diabetic patients” – D. Zahger (Israel)
11:40 – 12:00 Coffee Break
Session No 9: Imaging techniques and bioarkers
Chairmen: P. Sogaard (Denmark), S. Glaveckaite (Lithuania), N. Valeviciene (Lithuania)
Session No 10: New developements in Cardiology
Chairmen: F. Crea (Italy), D. Fintel (USA), J. Celutkiene (Lithuania)
12:00 “Simple pattern identification” – P. Sogaard (Denmark) “Investigation of patients with MINOCA” –

F. Crea (Italy)

12:20 “Assessment of mechanical dyssynchrony using a new three dimensional approach” – T. Zaremba, (Denmark) “Type 2 MI: definition and classification” –

J. Alpert (USA)

12:40 “Current state of the art, 2D strain or TDI in clinical practice” –

P. Sogaard (Denmark)

“Coronary spasm” – R. Serpytis (Lithuania)
13:00 “Clinical use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin” –

J. Boeddinghaus (Switzerland)

“Cardiac shock wave therapy in patients with stable angina” – G. Burneikaite (Lithuania)
13:20 “Chest Pain and CCTA” –

M. Mataciunas (Lithuania)

“Use of coronary physiology in acute coronary syndromes” – G. Wijntjens (Netherlands)
13:40 “Myocardial perfusion imaging and assessment of microcirculation” –

D. Vajauskas (Lithuania)

“The right heart in critical care” – S. Price (UK)
14:00 Discussions “New training approaches for Critical Care Cardiologists” – D. Fintel (USA)
14:20 Closing remarks, P. Serpytis, J. Alpert
September, 14th: 10:40 – 11:40  Poster Session 1
Moderators: J. Alpert (USA), R. Kubilius (Lithuania), S. Desch (Germany)
September, 15th: 11:00 – 12:00  Poster Session 2
Moderators: T. Hasin (Israel),  G. Kalinauskas (Lithuania)
September, 14th: 14:10 – 20:00  Resuscitation School
Moderators: R. Serpytis (Lithuania), P. Uksas (Lithuania), A. Briedis (Lithuania), R. Ruseckaite (Lithuania), I. Vegelyte (Lithuania)
September, 14th: 16:10 – 20:00   Renal replacement School
Moderator: V. Kazlauskas (Lithuania), V. Karmanovas (Lithuania); Discussion panel: S. Vosylius (Lithuania), A. Macas (Lithuania)
September, 15th: 9:00 – 11:00  Lung Ventilation School
Case report
Discussion panel: S. Vosylius (Lithuania), A. Macas (Lithuania), S. Jovaisa (UK)
September, 15th: 11:00 – 13:00  ECMO School
Moderator: I. Norkiene (Lithuania); Discussion panel: S. Price (UK), R. Samalavicius (Lithuania)

Abstracts for poster presentation deadline extended until September 3rd, 2018.
Send abstacts to

Arrhythmias, General
Atrial Fibrillation
Syncope and Bradycardia
Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death
Device Therapy
Acute Heart Failure
Acute Coronary Syndrome
Prehospital and emergency
Pericardial Disease
Aortic Disease
Interventional Cardiology
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy


Prof. Pranas Serpytis


Prof. Joseph Alpert
Prof. Holger Thiele
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevicius



Prof. Pranas Serpytis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Joseph Alpert (Arizona, USA)
Prof. Holger Thiele (Lubeck, Germany)
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevicius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Zaneta Petrulioniene (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Prof. Germanas Marinskis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Rokas Serpytis, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Robertas Samalavicius, MD (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Deimile Balkute
Margarita Broslavskyte
Ingrida Dudoniene
Urte Gargalskaite
Ringaile Kernagyte
Julija Kurilova
Mindaugas Lizaitis
Lina Matuliauskaite
Egle Majauskiene
Aurelija Navickaite
Petras Navickas
Dovile Petrikonyte
Gintare Neverauskaite-Piliponiene
Dovile Ramanauskaite
Mante Rimkiene
Ieva Marija Saule

Prof. Kurt Huber (Austria)
Prof. Christiaan Vrints (Belgium)
Prof. Kristian Thygesen (Denmark)
Gintautas Bieliauskas, MD (Denmark)
Tomas Zaremba, MD (Denmark)
Prof. Peter Sogaard (Denmark)
Prof. Abdo Khoury (France)
Prof. Steffen Desch (Germany)
Georg Furnau, MD (Germany)
Prof. Holger Thiele (Germany)
Tal Hasin, MD (Israel)
Prof. Yonathan Hasin (Israel)
Prof. Doron Zahger (Israel)
Prof. Stefano Savonitto (Italy)
Prof. Filippo Crea (Italy)
Prof. Meddalena Lettino (Italy)
Prof. Andrejs Erglis (Latvia)
Alona Grave (Latvia)
Prof. Indulis Kumsars (Latvia)
Gilbert Wijntjens, MD (Netherlands)
Rakesh Jalali, MD (Poland)
Prof. Mekhman N. Mamedov (Russia)
Prof. Aleksandar N. Neskovic (Serbia)
Prof. Josep Masip (Spain)
Jasper Boeddinghaus, MD (Switzerland)
Prof. Joseph Alpert (USA)
Prof. Qin Chen (USA)
Prof. Dan Fintel (USA)
Prof. Susann Price (UK)
Prof. Tom Quinn (UK)


Prof. Pranas Serpytis
Prof. Aleksandras Laucevicius
Prof. Germanas Marinskis
Prof. Andrius Macas
Prof. Audrius Aidietis
Assoc. prof. Gintaras Kalinauskas
Robertas Samalavicius, MD
Assoc. prof. Sigita Glaveckaite
Prof. Nomeda Valeviciene
Assoc. prof. Ieva Norkiene
Rokas Serpytis, MD
Marius Kurminas, MD
Prof. Saulius Vosylius
Aleksandras Briedis, MD
Andrius Berukstis, MD
Kestutis Stasaitis, MD
Prof. Natalja Fatkulina
Mindaugas Mataciunas, MD
Donatas Vajauskas, MD
Greta Burneikaite, MD
Dovile Karciauskaite, MD
Raimondas Kubilius, MD
Paulius Uksas, MD
Renata Ruseckaite, MD
Ineta Vegelyte, MD
Vygantas Kazlauskas, MD
Valerijus Karmanovas, MD
Natalija Jerdiakova

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